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My day started at 3am rushing around and driving to the airport. That was a task in itself. I almost missed my plane and the man sitting next to me I swear was trying to freeze me to death. Finally reaching L.A the only thing I wanted to do was crawl into bed and fall asleep (if you are friends with me on Facebook there is picture proof of a mini nap I took). I drank some caffeine and refocused!

Some of you may know I am taking a skin boot camp with an Australian based company DMK. Its only day one and I'm learning many new techniques and so much new knowledge I'm over joyed. DMK is so advanced in there research I am blown away. I haven't gotten in to the nitty gritty yet but I learned something today I found so fascinating I couldn't wait to share . Beware though it is kind of gross! I will also be posting videos and pictures of my day tomorrow.

Are you deficient in essential fatty acids and if so is it effecting your skin??

Here comes for the gross part...

It probably comes to no surprise to you estheticians are always poking, popping, and diagnosing but what is your esthetician learning from the fluid that comes out of your pimples ? If your at home and popping your own pimples (I don't advise this but do what you have to do) pay attention! if the debris that comes out is white and very thin that's awesome the oils from your body are thin and able to flow to the service. if when you pop a pimple the debris is thick almost cheese like than you are deficient in essential fatty acids. if you have been struggling with large pea size white lumps under your skin that just wont go away this is why! For our skin to function properly the oils from your skin have to be thin so your skin can naturally push out debris and continue getting rid of the dead cells and everything that comes along with it. Your skin acts like a factory and if its not well oiled your going to run into a blockage problem.

but how do essential fatty acids work

"essential" means your body doesn't produce it naturally. You have to take it internally. You can get essential fatty acids from the omegas in fish. what you really want to think about is in order to get the omega 7 from a fish you are getting a lot of chemicals along with the omega so its really not helping you as much as you would want. The best way to get the essential fatty acids (including the more rare omega 7) with the most benefits possible is through buckthorn oil that has been cold pressed. Buckthorn is actually a small berry that grows wild in many parts of the world mostly Asia and Europe.

when you take a supplement that contains cold pressed buckthorn oil this will promote your body to naturally lubricate from the inside out making your skin issues I talked about earlier diminish. How easy is that ?! If you start taking this supplement it is just one building block to healthy skin but its well worth it and so fascinating how your entire wellbeing of you body will change the look and function of your skin ! 

DMK has there EFA supplement that has been processed properly and you would take it with your daily vitamins. Obviously I couldn't pass this up, all of my clients needs this. I just touched on the subject but EFA's are fabulous for everyone it prevents liver damage , promotes weight loss, firmer skin, making your skin glow by helping it regenerate properly and much much more! you can pick some up with your next treatment.


Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

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